As You Wish 2024

As You Wish 2024

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A Red Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels With Montmorency Cherries

This beer is inspired by the red sour ales traditionally brewed in the West Flanders region of Belgium. Aging the beer further on Montmorency sour cherries resulted in a delightful marriage of fruit, spice, tannin, and tartness. A perfect bedside storytelling sipper...

Farm boy, fetch me that beer! 

As you wish!

Just a heads up that the 2024 vintage is more sour than previous years (it aged for a year and a half on cherries, vs the usual 3-4 months).

2024 Vintage. 473mL. 6.1% alc/vol. (the label says 5.6%, but that's a misprint)