Dessert Island

Dessert Island

A Blend of Golden Sour Beers Aged in Oak Barrels With Pineapples, Cherries and Coconut.

Fall had arrived, and our thoughts started to
wander towards tropical destinations...
So we held back a pineapple-laden portion of Tropical Apocalypse and blended it with a healthy dose of Montmorency sour cherries skimmed from the top of a still-fermenting upcoming release of They Go Up!
We let these two distinct yeast cultures co-mingle for over a month in order to reach eqilibrium before capturing the blend in bottles with a splash of coconut.
The result, we think you’ll agree, will stoke that craving for a vacation!

2019 Club. 750mL. 5.8% alc/vol.

Released exclusively to our 2019 Culture Club members.

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