225L Wine Barrel

225L Wine Barrel

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This is an empty 225L oak wine barrel from our cellar. Most are originally red wine barrels from Napa valley that we've used for 5 years in the brewery. They still hold liquid fine, but we need to make space for newer barrels.  Own a piece of Small Pony history!  For the discerning customer, we can also provide the history of beers that were produced with your barrel.

Great for:

  • Cutting in half for garden planters
  • Standing upright as a table
  • Building a liquor cabinet
  • Disassembling staves to make candle holders
  • Chopping it up to use in the smoker
  • Jumping over (after a gorilla hurls it down a ramp at you)
  • Holding down papers so they don't blow away
  • And hundreds more uses!

These are about 100lbs each, so they are available for pick-up only. We cannot ship them.