All The Things Gift Pack

All The Things Gift Pack

This ultimate warm-me-up gift pack includes 7 sour beers, a tulip glass, and a hoodie! Get ready to pucker (and snuggle) up!

Continuing our 4th anniversary celebration, we've got a final boss-level gift box here -- 7 barrel aged sour beers in stocking-stuffer 375mL size, a Small Pony tulip glass, and a discount on your choice of a black or maroon hoodie.  The price for the whole deal comes to $98 including tax, but you will need to add the hoodie to your cart separately since there are many to choose from. Here are links for Black and Maroon. The hoodie will be discounted to $35 when added to your cart (regularly $50!)  If you don't happen to need a great deal on a hoodie, then you can still purchase the bottles and glass for $63.

Half Remembered Dream is a blend of golden sour beers aged in oak barrels with rose hips & hibiscus - light, tart, a touch floral, a hint of red fruit, and almost a swedish berry vibe.

Ci-Tron is a dry-hopped golden sour using our favorite citrus-y hops: Mosaic, Citra and Galaxy. It's light, tart, effervescent, and packs a zesty citrus punch.

The Time and The Space is a blend of dark and gold sour beers aged in oak barrels with wild blueberries, raspberries and vanilla - it's on the toasty/roasty side of things, with a complex acidity, bursting with dessert-y fruit vibes!

Jam Hands is a golden sour beer aged in oak barrels with red raspberries. This is our most popular bottle and it's just bursting with aromas of fresh picked raspberries.

Passing Reflections is a tart saison aged in red wine barrels. It's less sour than our other beers, featuring a bit more of a hop note, and that characteristic farmhouse saison terroir.

Storm Watch is a barrel aged red rye beer finished with ginger and lime leaves. It's our take on the classic dark and stormy cocktail with just the right amount of ginger to warm you up without coming across as spicy!

Lost But Not Forgotten is a barrel aged beer made with non-glutenous grains! We can't officially make the gluten-free claim on this one, since our facility is not certified, however we used only buckwheat, rice, oats, and corn in this beer, and laboratory test results showed no measurable amount of gluten in the bottle. It's got a complex acidity, but feels soft, almost like a pear cider.

A 13.5 oz Small Pony branded tulip glass will allow you to enjoy these beers the way they were meant to be sipped!

And lastly, a Small Pony branded hoodie to keep you warm this winter and let others know that you're hip and cool and in-the-know, as it were, regarding barrel aged sour beers :) Our hoodies come in either Black or Maroon.

Remember to add the hoodie to your cart separately!! Black or Maroon :)

Only available until December 24th!