Buy-One-Give-One Sanitizer

Buy-One-Give-One Sanitizer

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For every bottle of hand sanitizer purchased, the fine folks at Dairy Distillery in Almonte are donating one bottle to those fighting COVID-19! We here at Small Pony are happy to be able to help them out by offering these same bottles for delivery or shipping with any order. 250mL size.

Details from Dairy Distillery...

So far we've given away over 2,000L of hand sanitizer to front line groups like the Shepherds of Good Hope, The Mission and the Children's Aid Society (click here for full list).  We've stopped making Vodkow to focus on sanitizer production. Many of you have reached out wanting to buy sanitizer and support our efforts. You can now do both. When you buy a bottle of our liquid hand sanitizer for yourself ($8 for 250ml), you also donate one to those on the front lines fighting COVID-19. You can also choose to donate both bottles. A win-win for everyone except COVID-19. 

Our sanitizing handrub is made using the World Health Organization recipe. It's liquid, not a gel and is unscented. This WHO video shows how to properly sanitize your hands with the rub. 

Medicinal ingredients: ethyl alcohol (80%) Non-Medicinal ingredients: glycerol (1.45%), hydrogen peroxide (0.125%), denatonium benzoate (0.007g/L)