Dark Energy 2019

Dark Energy 2019

A Dark Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels With a Blend of Specialty Coffee Beans.

Equator Coffee Roasters prepared two special blends of beer and coffee for us to evaluate. They were both so different but equally aromatic that we couldn’t help ourselves... We had to blend them! An organic Ethiopian dark roast from the Sidama region lends earthy berry notes and the Northstar Espresso blend rounds out the roastiness. Mares in the Night barrels provide the sour backdrop of this invigorating treat!

2019 Club. 750mL. 8.2% alc/vol.

This is one of the extra bottles available for purchase by club members. Each club member receives 2 free bottles of the same beer simply by visiting their cart, even after this extra bottle is sold out.

Limit of 1 bottle per person.