Difficulty Level: 2020

Difficulty Level: 2020

A Blend of Golden Golden Sour Beers Aged in Oak Barrels With Mixed Berries and Vanilla

One of our favorite ’festival blends’ this past year was a 50/50 mix of Jam Hands and All The Best Hats, our Raspberry and Haskap beers, respectively. Before we bottled All The Best Hats last summer, we took all of the Haskap berries from the fruit tank and filled two wine barrels half full with the berries, topped it up with a kveik fermented golden beer (which later became the base for Orange Whisper) and waited 10 months. In parallel, we waited for a 2020 batch of Jam Hands to mature before blending the two. We really like dessert beers, but our barrel aged sours always finish very dry, so we added a touch of unfermentable natural sweetener, vanilla for aroma, and 6 grocery store trips worth of fruit pectin for mouthfeel!

2020 Club. 750mL. 5.2% alc/vol.

Released exclusively to our 2020 Culture Club members.

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