Every Second Counts 2021 Free Club Bottle

Every Second Counts 2021 Free Club Bottle

Each Culture Club member is entitled to 2 free bottles which will automatically be added to your cart. Additional bottles can be purchased here.

A Blend of Red and Dark Sour Beers Aged in Red Wine and Bourbon Barrels with Montmorency Cherry Pomace and Noyaux

Time is precious.
We have all lost time this past year.
Time with friends. Time with family.
Time spent travelling. Time spent laughing.
Time spent sharing. Time spent learning.
Time spent being ourselves.
Some of us have lost more than others.
We wanted to pause and remember that
all of the time we spend is meaningful.
We do not get it back.

This beer began as a Flemish Red ale aged in our first bourbon barrel to impart roasty light spirit notes and vanilla. We blended it with a dark Oud Bruin style beer aged in a red wine barrel with cherry pomace and cherry noyaux. The result is a balance of strong and delicate. An excercise in time and attention.

2021 Club. 750mL. 7.1% alc/vol.