Four Storey Car Crushing Fire Breathing Menace 2021

Four Storey Car Crushing Fire Breathing Menace 2021

A Blend of Golden Sour Beers Aged in Red Wine Barrels with Red and Black Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Pink Peppercorn, Cinnamon and Habanero

saturday. Saturday! SATURDAY!!

We have always been intrigued by heat in beers. It is an art to get spiciness just right, so that the fruity flavours of a pepper are still expressed, and the heat is not overbearing. This beer uses a restrained amount of habanero pepper blended with some aromatic spices like cinnamon and pink peppercorn to weave a light spicy character overtop of a backdrop of four different sour berries. Like with our ginger beer, the aim is not to get bogged down by heat, but to present just enough for a pleasant experience.

For those who crave more burn, simply drink faster!

2021 Club. 750mL. 6.8% alc/vol.

This is one of the extra bottles available for purchase by club members. Each club member receives 2 free bottles of the same beer simply by visiting their cart, even after this extra bottle is sold out.