100% of the proceeds from this beer are being donated to local charities supporting racialized communities in the region*

Every beer we release takes months or years to prepare, and are all brewed in the sour style, so we were unable to participate in earlier industry collaborations this year.

This beer is a blend of dark sour beers aged 12 months in oak barrels with raspberries, cacao nibs, orange zest, vanilla beans, and sweetened with a stevia leaf extract.

2020 Vintage. 750mL. 5.6% alc/vol.

We are offering 2 versions of this bottle - one for $16, and one for $20 (see the size selector). The $20 bottle comes with three FU*K RACISM stickers, which are the same size as the label. So if you would like to see more money go to charity, please consider this option :)

*Due to the fact that our charity partner works heavily with local children, they have asked to remain anonymous due to our choice of name for this beer. I can share that they work to provide mentoring, tutoring, summer camps and other outreach programs for children, youth, and adults in racialized communities.