Hint of Things to Come

Hint of Things to Come

A Blend of Golden Sour Beers Aged in Oak Barrels With Chardonnay Musqué Pomace and Passionfruit.

Our friends at Trail Estate Winery in Prince Edward County pressed Chardonnay Musqué grapes last fall and donated the remaining pomace to us. We racked out first ever beer onto this pomace. After only 5 days, the tannin quality was amazing! The beer was returned to barrels to soften out for a further 5 months. While this beer was very interesting on its own, we selected one barrel to blend with a 7 month old beer aged on passionfruit. The resulting unique balance of flavours was perfect to be the first exclusive release to you, our Culture Club members!

6.5% alc/vol.

Released exclusively to our 2018 Culture Club members.

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