Hive Mind 2018 Free Club Bottle

Hive Mind 2018 Free Club Bottle

Each Culture Club member is entitled to 2 free bottles which will automatically be added to your cart. Additional bottles can be purchased here.

A Golden Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels With Honey, Chamomile and Cherry Noyaux.

At the heart of every cherry is an aromatic treat! We aged this beer on cherry
noyaux for eight months to extract the almond and amaretto flavours. Our friends at Gael Glen Farm then brought a hint of sweetness in the form of fresh wildflower honey from their hives. After a sticky re-fermentation, dried chamomile flowers completed the flavour trifecta.

Consume! Enjoy! Pollinate!

2018 Club. 750mL. 7.3% alc/vol.