Lost But Not Forgotten 2021

Lost But Not Forgotten 2021

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A Golden Sour Beer Brewed Using Non-Glutenous Grains Aged in Oak Barrels

Previously we brewed a beer using buckwheat instead of wheat.
We thought it would be fun to try to eliminate all of the glutenous grains this time around! This beer contains no barley or wheat but instead is brewed using rice, corn, buckwheat and oats.
While we cannot label this as a gluten-free product, we are happy to report that the gluten content was measured below our lab’s lower detection limit of 5 parts per million.

Be a little careful when opening these bottles, as the carbonation seems to be a bit high... despite our priming calculations, the beer likes to slowly creep up and out of the bottle, so you'll want to have a glass ready to go! We're scratching our heads at this a bit, but again, this is the first time we've tried fermenting a non-malt beverage with our mixed culture, and our wine bottling yeast may have consumed additional sugars in-bottle that the house strains missed :)

2021 Vintage. 375mL. 5.0% alc/vol.