Panda Medic 2020

Panda Medic 2020

A Blend of Golden and Buckwheat Sour Beers Aged in Oak Barrels with Cherry, Apricot, Orange, Peach and Cherry Noyaux.

Once again, our thoughts have turned to warmer destinations and tasty cocktails on pristine sandy beaches. While the pandemic has most of us grounded for the time being, this fruit punchy sour blend may be just what the doctor ordered!*
What began as two complementary blending experiments eventually converged to create a sour beer with juicy sangria-like flavours and tannins.
So snuggle up! The Panda Medic is here with a cuddly cure** for your pandemic blues!

2020 Club. 750mL. 5.0% alc/vol.

*no doctor has ordered this.
**not an actual cure.

This is one of the extra bottles available for purchase by club members. Each club member receives 2 free bottles of the same beer simply by visiting their cart, even after this extra bottle is sold out.