Pear Shaped
Pear Shaped

Pear Shaped

A Sherried Tart Saison Aged in Oak Barrels with Too Much Pear.

This is our oldest sour beer. I hesitate to call it beer even.

It started life as our first Saison brew in August 2017 and when the barrels wouldn’t sour, we added fruit to help them along. We used far too much pear in this barrel, as it took a few years for the sugars to ferment. The barrel naturally oxidized in the style of a sherry as half of it evaporated!

We decided to bottle it still like sherry. A perry sherry?

12 cases of stoppered bottles were produced, as this is more of a sipper. We found that there is an underlying browned apple aromatic note reminiscent of making apple pie, and so we've attached a stick of cinnamon to each bottle so that you can experiment with warming a sample up on the stovetop like a mulled cider or wine!

750mL. 8.7% alc/vol.

Past and current vintages: