SMÜV Hearts
SMÜV Hearts

SMÜV Hearts

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A Golden Sour Raspberry Beer Aged in Oak Barrels Packaged with Pureed Strawberry and Banana and Cinnamon Hearts

Ok, ok, the cinnamon hearts were not pureed.. they were carefully melted into a pot of boiling strawberry juice :)

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the 2024 limited edition run of SMÜV Hearts began life as a barrel of second-turn raspberry beer (aka Jam Hands Junior™).  We blended it with 35% pureed strawberry and banana, the aforementioned cinnamon heart candy liquid, and then we turned the cinnamon up a notch with -- more cinnamon!

This beer has some bite!  Seriously, if you like the candies, this one's a real treat!  Layers of red fruit, a full-on cinnamon bouquet, a level of sweetness to balance the sour, a smooth mouthfeel, and that hint of barrel character hiding out in the background.

Smoothie beers are best kept cold and drank fresh, since the fresh fruit purees contain fermentable sugars that can and do lead to exploding cans. We've gone the extra responsible step of pasteurizing this beer, so that lapses in judgement shouldn't lead to costly drycleaning bills or deep cleans of your car or carpets.

Make sure to follow the instruction on the can!

2024 Vintage. 5.0% alc/vol.