SMÜV Lassi
SMÜV Lassi

SMÜV Lassi

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SMÜV Lassi is currently sold out. You can sign up for our newsletter to hear when the next release may be. Based on the response to the initial release, we will definitely be revisiting this beer shortly.

A Golden Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels Packaged with Pureed Mango, Coconut and Cardamom

We thought it would be a fun experiment to try to make a smoothie beer in the same flavour domain as a mango lassi, but without using the dairy. Please accept coconut cream in place of the traditional yogurt base!

Smoothie beers are best kept cold and drank fresh, since the fresh fruit purees contain fermentable sugars that can and do lead to exploding cans. We've gone the extra responsible step of pasteurizing this beer, so that lapses in judgement shouldn't lead to costly drycleaning bills or deep cleans of your car or carpets.

Make sure to follow the instruction on the can!

2021 Vintage. 5.0% alc/vol.

There is a 4 can limit per order.