SMÜV Melon
SMÜV Melon

SMÜV Melon

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A Golden Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels Packaged with Pureed Strawberry, Watermelon & Banana (and sour watermelon candies!)

We are exploring candy themes with some upcoming SMÜV releases heading towards Halloween season. SMÜV Melon starts life as a barrel aged golden sour base beer that we then blend some thicker fruitier things into on canning day -- watermelon, strawberry and banana purees and a good helping of sour watermelon candies (they melt -- eventually!)  The aromas are tart watermelon candy up front, a light strawberry smoothie note, and a refreshing hint of green melon rind to finish off.

Smoothie beers are best kept cold and drank fresh, since the fresh fruit purees contain fermentable sugars that can and do lead to exploding cans. We've gone the extra responsible step of pasteurizing this beer, so that lapses in judgement shouldn't lead to costly drycleaning bills or deep cleans of your car or carpets.

Make sure to follow the instruction on the can!

2022 Vintage. 5.0% alc/vol.

Please note that SMÜV Melon cans held for pick-up at the brewery need to be collected within a week after ordering. Orders may be cancelled and credited or refunded otherwise.