SMÜV Pumpkin
SMÜV Pumpkin

SMÜV Pumpkin

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A Red Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels Packaged with Pureed Pumpkin, Mango, Brown Sugar, Vanilla and Spices.

We've previously done pie beers, and we've done smoothie beers, and we thought it would be seasonally appropriate to grab some pumpkin and some spices and create a SMÜV reminiscent of a pumpkin pie! Pumpkin on its own is a bit too thick to blend uniformly (you should see how it pours!), so we cut it with mango and then filled in the recipe using a blend of light, dark and demera brown sugars, a splash of vanilla, and pumpkin pie spices. The resulting beer is thick, smooth, sweet, sour and spicy with all flavours in delicious balance!

This beer is pasteurized for stability and to prevent re-fermentation in the can, but please enjoy it fresh and store it refrigerated.

2021 Vintage. 5.0% alc/vol.

Please note that SMÜV cans held for pick-up at the brewery need to be collected within a week after ordering. Orders may be cancelled and credited or refunded otherwise.