Unacceptable 2021

Unacceptable 2021

A Blend of Golden Sour Beers Aged in Oak Barrels with Chardonnay Pomace, Lemons, Lemongrass and Lemondrop Hops

Unacceptably tardy?
Unacceptably mouth puckering?
Unacceptably shameless?
We started out with a tart saison base and aged it on an unacceptable amount of Chardonnay skins from our friends at KIN vineyard. The beer became unacceptably tannic, and so we returned it to barrels to age further for an additional year. Recently, we started experimenting with fresh lemons and lemongrass and ways to extract their vital juices in a suitably acceptable manner. Finally, we finished the beer by dry-hopping it with the most acceptable hops possible: Lemondrop.  Vinous and oaky nuances dance beneath a zesty citrus spotlight!

2021 Club. 750mL. 6.5% alc/vol.

This is one of the extra bottles available for purchase by club members. Each club member receives 2 free bottles of the same beer simply by visiting their cart, even after this extra bottle is sold out.

Due to limited quantities, extra bottles of Unacceptable are limited to 2 per club member for the first 48 hours after the release.